Greg Howie + Hannah Fitz

28/06/2011 - 30/06/2011
Basic Space, Vicar Street, Dublin 8

As two of the founders of Basic Space we are part of the tension between the physical presence of the building, and the constantly fluctuating human understanding of the space.

For this show we have both created objects that are a contradiction to the permanency of their forms.

Each piece holds a tension with itself and the work around it, applying pressure to the interpretation of materials.


Greg Howie

Glass + Gold
This body of work focus on the examination of materials at critical points.

Choosing materials of which we have a strong understanding and stretching them until this understanding is questioned.


Hannah Fitz

I have made objects that begin to describe themselves.

A tangible self identification, with the domestic, decorative, and ritualistic, asserting their power while at once dissipating it into illusion and imitation.

shane bonfield