Stone Soup Part 1

19/07/2014 - 26/07/2014
The Sailors Home, O’Curry Street, Limerick

Marie Farrington_ Long drawn_2014.jpg

Marie Farrington - Hannah Fitz - Lilian Duthop - Daniel Tuomey - Suzanne Walsh

This Saturday will see the second weekly openings of Basic Space's Stone Soup project in the Sailors' Home, O'Curry Street, Limerick. The exhibition space has been furnished with local limestone of all sizes which form a fulcrum around which the project revolves. Invited artists will be visiting the building throughout the month of July and making work with, on and around these stones.

Over the last two weeks artists have begun to arrive and work onsite, the first event hosted the initial responses of Lucy Andrews, Tracy Hanna and Lee Welch to the site and the conditions of the residency. It also allowed the public a chance to get more acquainted with Basic Space, the artists involved and the process of the project. This week will bring together the work of Marie Farrington, Hannah Fitz, Caoimhe Kilfeather, Daniel Tuomey, Suzanne Walsh.

The coming open days (23rd and 26th of July) will see contributions from Alan-James Burns, Katie Mooney Sheppard, Greg Howie, Clare Breen, Oisin O'Brien, Eoghan Ryan, Jason Dunne, Paul Maguire, Simon Cummins, Ruth Clinton & Niamh Moriarty, Rob Murphy & Lily Cahill, David Lunney.

Basic Space have been invited to produce this project by Ormston House as part of Limerick City of Culture. Basic Space acknowledge the support of the Arts Council and Shannon Foynes Port Company in bringing the project to fruition.

Gallery of exhibition

Images courtesy of Marie Farrington + Suzanne Walsh

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