Illusions of Beloved Objects

Basic Space, 11 Eustace Street, Temple Bar 



The object as inherent to the act of ritual and procession; vessel of symbolic meaning. Transmutation through space and time. Acted upon through movement and its relationship to the body. The object as a performative element, liberated from site, relational to the locale, the body and the objects surrounding it.

Objects existing both in the physicality of the ‘organic’ and the crafted, somehow between, possessing the semiotics of the natural and technical. Primordial, other, instinctually ancient, questioning the very phenomenology of objecthood. Existing on a strange thread between the human and the organic. Cyborg. A performative, living objecthood. Relics, existing on revered plain of human symbolism; the fallacy of rituality.


Gallery of exhibition

BASIC_SPACE_Illusions of Beloved Objects_10

Images courtesy of Lee Welch

shane bonfield