21/08/2014 - 28/08/2014
Basic Space, Eblana House, Marrowbone Lane


What Stands Forth is an exhibition by Niamh Forbes existing on three platforms and two planes.

A reconstruction of an appropriated version of the truth.

Visual access to a specific reality, a warped version of events, with a reasonable disregard for the truth. Context and, more importantly, the act of taking something out of context, is what informs our view on issues.

Issues become objects, which revert back to issues again. It is tempting to see ­­such products as trivial in both cases. Yet the object itself, the catalyst for this transformation, simply cannot be dismissed as incidental. For its own physical existence is an assertion of the object’s vital role. In such a state, its confrontational utterance of reality is a cry of magnitude. But for its own physical existence, an inanimate being would not exist. And there would be no exhibition.

It is simultaneously a construction and a result serving to both iterate and highlight the objectness of our object and all others.

Gallery of exhibition

Images courtesy of Niamh Fordes 

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